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KineMan Basic: App Types

KineMan Basic* Edition is offered in two types of 'packaging':

The table below provides a quick overview of the differences between these two types. Important note: the packaging doesn't affect KineMan's capabilities: the KineMan Basic web app and chromeapp function identically.

Web appChromeApp
Runs within:browseroperating system
Runs offline:NoYes**
Appearance:includes browser controls:

simple window:

Quick access by:bookmarks, hyperlinks, buttonsstart menu, taskbar, App launcher
Other benefits:Access anywhere
Price:Free! Also free!
Get started: Access the KineMan web app directly: Obtain from Chrome Web Store & Install:

* This page is relevant only for KineMan Basic. Our Pro Edition is only available as a web app, at this time.

** App documentation includes embedded Hints & tooltips; however, full documentation is available at

More about Chrome Apps

The term ‘chrome app’ may be confusing. If you google it, you may several variations, synonyms and antonyms, including: webapp, Chrome Web app, chrome extension, hosted app, packaged app, & google app. For example, if you visit the following pages (not necessary)

you might conclude that a chrome app (or chrome webapp) is a program that runs on the Chrome browser, and may be a hosted or a packaged app. Except that chromeapps are different than hosted apps which are basically bookmarks for webapps. Also, hosted and packaged apps may look the same, but the latter are actually Extensions. And, don’t confuse chrome apps with Google Apps, which are webapps that maybe chromeapps, but chromeapps aren't necessarily Google Apps.

In which case, the current page’s comparison of ChromeApp vs web app, may leave you nauseous.

Part of the problem is that the terminology has been evolving, and Google doesn’t bother to cleanup after themselves (re: removing dated documentation). (They aren't the only ones – hey, Amazon! (once cost me a couple of weeks before I discovered that some of their online documentation referred to obsolete practices!)).

The terminology seems to have settled, however, to the usage described here:, i.e., a chrome app is a packaged app, which uses parts of the Chrome browser, particularly its Extension mechanism, to look and behave similar to a ‘regular’ app in your operating system. In contrast, a regular webapp runs in a (any) browser, and looks & operates as a web page therein. This is the usage implied in the discussion above for KineMan Basic app types (and note that the terms ‘hosted’, ‘google app’, and ‘Chrome webapp’ are mostly irrelevant for KineMan Basic).

Hope that helps.