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About KineMan Pro Subscriptions

Plans, Prices, Payment options, and more

The advanced capabilities of KineMan Pro are offered on a subscription basis. A subscription grants you login access the KineMan Pro web application ( KineMan Pro subscriptions have simple terms: you pay one time 'up front' for a fixed duration of KineMan Pro access. There are no auto-renewals or recurring billing, so you avoid the hassle of monitoring your account and cancelling to avoid ongoing charges.

KineMan Pro subscriptions are flexible: you can tailor the capabilities to your needs, and you can choose from several subscription durations. You select capabilities by subscribing to either of two products: our Standard subscription, or our ProPlus package, which combines a Standard subscription with advanced tools. The advanced tools are packaged in additional modules (KineMan Pro ‘Options’), described elsewhere in our documentation as 6 DOF Body Motion, Show & Hide Bones, Unlimited ROM, Pose Tracing, and Save Poses.

Note: KineMan Pro Options were formerly available individually. These subscriptions are no longer available, while we prepare for our next release (in mid April 2017). The new KineMan Pro release will feature substantial additions to our feature set, in a simplified product structure. Stay tuned !

The Standard subscriptions are available as follows:

NameDescriptionSubscription Term (months)
4 12
KineMan Pro
Standard features include:
  • Articulated hands & feet
  • Group motions: Neck & lumbar spine
  • Load repositories & select poses
  • Autofit capability
  • Save images
  • Presenter license
  • Unlimited viewing area size
  • No ads
plus, all the features of our KineMan Basic edition: Full HD skeleton, with illuminated 3D rendering & realistic perspective; 5DOF body motion; 39 joints, 78 total degrees of freedom; Realistic joint rotation axes & ROMs; Two motion control modes (sliders, joystick); Identify over 200 bones quickly, by hovering; Precise angle readouts ; Select joints by menu or click on bone ; Special joint: Realistically-constrained scapulo-thoracic joint ; + Hints panel, Undo/Redo buttons, customized sliders, color-coded rotation axes ;

A 7 day Free Trial is available, for the combination of KineMan Pro Standard + all Options, excluding the Presenter License. Free trials are limited to 1 per person.

ProPlus package subscriptions are available as follows:

NameDescriptionSubscription Term (months)
ProPlus Package includes Standard subscription
+ 5 Options

Options in the ProPlus package include :

6 DOF Body MotionReach all possible body positions, using dial
adjustment and step rotation features
Show & Hide BonesHide bones to reveal obscured details,
or isolate bones to focus attention.
Unlimited ROMSimulate enhanced joint flexibility,
by removal of range of motion (ROM) limits.
Pose TracingCreate accurate poses by importing
background images, and using comic style
(line art) rendering.
Save PosesSave named poses, to retain work between
sessions. Save pose repositories to files,
to backup or share them.

Our 7 day Free Trial includes all of the KineMan Pro Options, as well as a Standard subscription.

To start using the most advanced movable skeleton web app in the history of the universe, register for a Free Trial, by pressing the Subscribe Now button!

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Useful Information

Payments: Prices quoted above are US dollars. We accept payment via credit card or PayPal account. Additional info is available at Terms of Sale and How to Subscribe.

Subscription Details: The Standard product and the Options work together as follows:

  • The Options require a concurrent subscription to a Standard product, to function properly.
  • The subscription terms (start & end dates) for each Option are independent of the Standard product, and each other. As a result, you can add any Option at any time during your Standard product subscription. [Note that if an Option subscription extends beyond the last date of the Standard product subscription, it's features will not be available. They will be available only after you renew a Standard product subscription, to run concurrently].
  • You can renew any subscription at any time. If you renew any subscription while another subscription of that same name is active, the new subscription will begin immediately following expiration of the existing subscription. That is, subscriptions with the same name will ‘concatenate’, to run serially. This allows you to choose your subscription term flexibly as well. To ensure proper sequencing of the subscription periods, you must purchase all of them under the same account name.

Multiple Devices: Your subscription gives you license to access the KineMan Pro website from up to 3 different devices, e.g., desktop, laptop, and one other. (Note: mobile devices are not currently supported for KineMan Pro use).

Your Account: Everyone who signs up for a KineMan Pro subscription (paid or free) obtains an online account, consisting of profile information (username, email address) and payment history. You can access this information using your username & password, to monitor and make (limited) changes. Use the same account for renewals and extensions, if you want to concatenate their terms (ie, to run serially).

Device Restrictions: KineMan Pro is not compatible with all combinations of computer hardware, operating system, and browser (plus its add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions). In particular, it is not currently compatible with mobile devices, and some browsers (Internet Explorer). (This is not a complete list).

Our Free Trial subscription is your opportunity to evaluate the operation of KineMan Pro features for your computer hardware & software of choice, before you commit to a subscription purchase.

Refunds: All subscriptions are payable in advance, and refunds are not available. If you purchase a subscription and discover that a key feature doesn’t work as advertised, we won't be able to provide a refund. (Sorry!) Or, if you purchase a subscription and later change your hardware, operating system, or browser, and discover that some of the features find that KineMan Pro no longer work, we won't be able to offer you any compensation.

If you have any doubt about the capabilities of your computer resources, you should signup for our Free Trial subscription.

Just in case you missed it: All sales of KineMan Pro subscriptions are final. KineMan Pro subscriptions are not refundable, under any circumstance. You must determine before you subscribe whether KineMan Pro meets your needs, and whether it is compatible with your computer resources (hardware, operating system, browser, and other requirements). We cannot be responsible for ensuring that KineMan Pro will continue to work if you make any changes in your computer hardware or software.

Agreements: In order to obtain any KineMan Pro subscription, you must first agree to our Terms of Service and our Terms of Sale. (Please click the links for further info).