Movable 3D Human Skeleton

Release Notes:
KineMan Movable 3D Human Skeleton: (Basic & Pro versions)

R16.02 (160225)

Pro Edition
New Features: Improved subscription bundling, prices, & ordering
ProPlus Subscription Package
  • Combines Standard & all 5 Options
  • Offers simplified ordering for many subscribers
Discount Plan for Options
  • Automatic 1/3 off when ordering 3 or more Options
  • Equivalent substitute for obsolete Plus package
  • Permits mixing & matching of terms
  • Permits serial subscriptions with ProPlus parts
Ordering Process & Forms
  • Simpler New Subscriber form
  • Separate forms for packages vs individual parts
  • Simpler widgets + Order Summary block
Price Reductions
  • 1 month Standard now available
  • Save Poses reduced 25%, all terms
Improvements Discontinued Plus Package
  • Replaced by discount for Options
Revised Documentation
  • Subscription Help & About
  • Terms of Sale
FixesShoulder MechanicsScapula would stop following ribs, after pressing Undo: now fixed.

R15.12 (151210)

New Product Bundling
Pro Edition This release of KineMan Pro introduces a new 'flexible bundling' plan. Essentially, the overall Pro feature set remains the same, but the features are offered as either Standard features (common to all Pro subscriptions) or Options (which you can select to match your needs).

This new approach allows us to offer KineMan Pro at a substantially lower subscription price. Furthermore, the Options can be selected for shorter terms (1 month, as well as 4 or 12). And to streamline your workflow, you can add an Optional feature while you work, via a new 'in-app' subscription capability.

The breakdown of features into Standard & Optional products is detailed below.
Standard features
provides essential capabilities
for all Pro users
  • Articulated hands & feet
  • Group motions: Neck & lumbar spine
  • Load repositories & select poses
    • Allows you to import & view poses from files.
    • (Creating pose repositories requires the Save Poses option, below)
  • Autofit capability
  • Save images
  • Presenter license
  • Unlimited viewing area size
  • No ads
  • plus all of the Core features offered in KineMan Basic edition.
allow you to choose the advanced
Pro features you need
  • 6 DOF body motion (dial rotation, step rotations)
  • Show or hide bones
  • Unlimited joint ROMs
  • Pose tracing (transparent background, background image, comic style rendering)
  • Save poses & repositories

  • Options can be added while you work, as in-app purchases.
    GUI elements for most Options are displayed, but disabled & shown
    in a lighter tone, until subscribed.
Note for existing KineMan
Pro subscribers:
(signed up & paid before
Dec 10, 2015)
Existing subscribers: Your access to KineMan Pro will be largely unaffected by the new bundling plan. The capabilities
you signed up for will continue to work as before, & will continue to do so for the term of your subscription. For renewals & other transition options, please see Terms of Sale.
Basic Edition: Two app types
  • Web App (classic)
    • Accessible from anywhere, using Chrome or Firefox (
  • Chrome App (new)
    • Looks & behaves like an installed app
    • Can be used offline*
    • Shortcuts can be added to the taskbar or start menu in Windows
    • Uses Google login; avoids ‘Terms of Service’ Agreement panel at start

    * But note: user documentation is only available at our website.
Terms of ServiceKineMan Basic is now designated to be used for personal use only.One ramification
of this is that public display of KineMan graphical content is permitted only for subscribers
of our Pro edition. For additional details, please see our Terms of Service.

Additional Improvements
Pro: Unlimited ROM Replaces 'enable limits' switch
Reversed logic: Check a box to remove the limits
  • Simpler name entry for images & poses, by removal of the [Done] buttons
    Carriage return is sufficient to complete the entry.
  • Buttons renamed: Backup -> Save Repository; Restore -> Load Repository
  • ‘0’ button is active only with the 6 DOF Body Option
  • Corrected ‘parentage’ for some bones, when using Show/Hide Bones context menu.
  • 'lastPose' is only available with Save Poses Option. Pose menu includes 'lastPose' only when available & useful.
Pro & Basic:

Layout New top & bottom margins, contain:
  • Menus
  • Bone & joint identification box
  • Undo/redo buttons
(Related joint info is now consolidated with Bone identification,
by pressing [Ctrl] & [Alt] while hovering.)
Security Full site https
(previously, only applied for subscriber interactions; now site-wide.)
  • improves privacy for users
  • prevents hackers from impersonating site, and tampering with data
  • Common names or descriptors for all joints
    (while hovering over scientific names in joint selection menu)
  • Simplified Hints panel
  • Removed the uniaxial joystick mode for joints (via Ctrl-Shift)
  • Group joints (neck & lumbar spine) are now only available in Pro edition.
Basic only:

Ads removed Top and bottom ads removed from the app page, permits larger viewing area on small screens.
(Ads may still appear elsewhere on the Basic app page, and elsewhere at
Limited viewing area size The viewing area for the Basic edition is limited to 512 pixels in both directions.
(For an unlimited viewing area, subscribe to KineMan Pro).

R15.06 (150612)

Pro Edition
New Features:

hover titles for
additional info
Pose Tracing
Saving Poses
Improvements Show or Hide Bones

Basic Edition

hover titles for
additional info

R15.03 (150310)

Basic Edition Pro Edition
New Features:

hover for quick intro;
click for details
  • Bug whereby clicking on a slider caused deselection of a selected joint.
  • Bug in step rotations, where, for some alignments, the body faced 180 degrees opposite to intended direction.
  • Bone or joint selection is now disabled when the [Alt] or [Shift] key is depressed.
  • AutoFit is no longer available in KineMan Basic.
  • Dial rotations are now accessible by pressing [Alt] while dragging (in a circular arc around the screen center).
  • Access to the Show/Hide menu is now possible via [Ctrl] right-click
    (instead of regular right-click).
  • AutoFit has been relabeled 'Fit', and is now a Pro-only feature.

v1.2 (140915) (Pro only)

New Features:
  • Step rotation & ‘0’ buttons
    combined with DOF6 mode selector in new subpanel
  • Enable/disable joint range limits
  • Distance slider: improved action for close up viewing (circumvents frustrating process to increase distance). Red highlighting is obsolete.
  • Show/hide context menu: options were incorrectly disabled, now fixed.
  • Qualified for use with the Opera browser
  • Added Acknowledgements page

v1.1 (140619) (Pro only)

New Features:
  • Articulated hand, includes 18 additional joints, 25 additional DOF each.

v1.0 (140420) (Pro only)

New Features:
  • Subscription system, offers 4 or 12 month terms, along with 7 day free trial, plus User Account pages.
  • 6th DOF for body position, including: dial angle slider and joystick zone, ‘casual’ mode for angle readouts.
  • Presentation license
  • No ads (after subscriber sign in)

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Original bone data created & licensed by Longchamp Labs/21st Century Solutions Ltd; FFI see Bone & joint data file formats and content are copyright Neosim R&D.