Movable 3D Human Skeleton

KineMan Instructions

This page explains how to do some of the basic operations in KineMan Movable 3D Skeleton, such as identifying bones, selecting joints, and moving the body or individual joints. The instructions apply to KineMan Basic, our free edition, as well as KineMan Pro, our subscription edition.

The instructions differ somewhat for mouse & keyboard input vs. touch screens. [Touch input is available to KineMan Pro subscribers via our 'experimental' edition (click here to open) ].

Select the type of input you’re using via the tabs shown:

How to:
Start KineMan (Basic Edition)
Identify a bone
Move the entire skeleton
Select a joint
Move a joint

Learn more:

Basic Operation video

Features: a guide to the features available in various KineMan editions.

Additional instructions for KineMan Pro.

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